Rare Spirits
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Quantity Type  Description  Year  Level  Per Bottle 
1 Curacao Superieure

Colourful label, very old bottling - Rare

19th century very top shoulder £150
1 Creme de Banane

Edmond Briottet 25% very good label

circa 1970's Top shoulder £30
1 Litre Old Nassau Coconut Rum Liqueur

Produced and bottled by Burns House Ltd, Nassau, Bahamas. 60 Proof. Very good label

circa 1960's Into neck £40
1 x half Noyeau

Bowmark Brand. Bowen & Mc Kenchie, london. Driven cork, slightly torn label - Rare

circa 1920's or earlier Bottom neck £50
1 Noix Liqueur

Reserve Julia. Badly bin soiled label - Rare

circa 1950's or earlier Very top shoulder £30
1 half Prune Liqueur

Garnier, disintigrated label

circa 1950's top shoulder £10
1 Litre Pastis Duval

Explicite label

circa 1950's or earlier Mid shoulder £20
1 Anisette Duval Liqueur

Marseille. 25%. Dusty label

circa 1950's Into neck £40
1 Anisette Garnier

47 proof, bin soiled label

circa 1950's upper shoulder £25
1 x Litre Mari Mayans Hierbas Ibicenas liqueur

With plant sticks inside 

circa 1970's Into neck £20
1 Herbas Mallorca Schnapps Chupito D'Herbes,very colourful label circa 1970's into neck £20
1 Palo dos Perellons Mallorca herbal liqueur - 25% circa 1980's Very top shoulder £20
1 Frappier Cognac Good label, early bottling circa 1960's very top shoulder £40
1 Denis Mounie Cognac Very little remains of label, name on metal capsule, early bottling circa 1960's top shoulder £30

Glen Orrin 30 year Old Scotch whisky

In presentation tube. perfect condition

30 year old Into neck £50

Bells Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky

Original Carton

circa 1970's Into neck £15

Bells Decanter Specially selected old Scotch Whisky


circa 1970's High fill £15
1 The Real Mackenzie Scotch Whisky Early Bottling circa 1970's Into neck £20

Jameson Special Reserve 12 year old

Own tube carton, perfect condition

12 year old Into neck £25

Bannermans 'Heart of the Malt'

Blended Malt Whisky. Strathmill Distillery Banffshire. Good label, Rare

Bottled 1990

Into neck £60

The Original Bannermans 'Heart of the Malt' Brose

Blend of Pure malt whiskies, Rolled oats, Roasted barley, Heather honey. Unususal shped bottle. Good label

circa 1960's

Top shoulder £70

Conac Parra Vieja

Modesto Soler, Arenys de Munt, Barcelona. Jug shaped Wicker cased bottled

Circa 1960's

bottom neck £40

Napoleon Reserva 12 Spanish Brandy

Good label

circa 1970's

into neck £15

Prince Charles Edward's Liqueur Drambuie

70 proof, 23 3/4 fl oz.

'A link with the 45'.

circa 1950's

into neck £60
3 x 50cl


Mentzendorf 38%. Specially produced by Colombier Distillery Saumur France - 23.02.2009. Perfect condition


into neck £25
1 half bottle

Grand Marnier

Very early bottling, driven cork. wax seal

circa 1940's

Top shoulder £30
1 small bottle Schinkenhager Gin Stoneware bottle, driven cork, labelled, very early bottling circa 1940's or earlier High fill £5
1 x 35cl

Schinkenhager Gin h.c. konig

Stoneware bottle labelled, driven cork very early bottling

circa 1940's or earlier

Hill fill £20


Juniper Schnapps - 45% Deutsches Erzeugnis Adolph Huber Achern. Good picturesque bottle and label

Circa 1970's

Bottom Neck £20
1 x 35cl

Schnaps, Special Krauterlikor

Gassl Berg Feuer, Berchtesgarten, Germany. Very colourful label with printed cloth over the capsule

circa 1980's

Top shoulder £20


Bardinet. Stained labels

Circa 1970's

Upper shoulder


Eau de Vie de Quetsche

Massenez, Alsace. Torn, bin soiled label

circa 1950's


1 Litre

Guignolet d'Angers

Wild Cherry Liqueur. Gifford, scuffed label 18%

circa 1950's

Upper shoulder £20
1 x 50cl


Olaf Peter Anderson, Sweden, very good condition

Circa 1960's

Top shoulder £20
1 x 35cl

Peach Bitters

Hoppe, Holland 35cl bottle - 45% Good label, slight tear

Circa 1970's

Into Neck £12

Fine Bourgogne VSOP

Marquis de Montdidier. Good label

Circa 1970's

Into Neck


Marc de Cavas Hill

Penedes, Spain

circa 1970's

Upper shoulder


Cajulana Pure Caju Arak

Goa, India - Rare

circa 1970's

Top shoulder £20

Prices, per Bottle in pounds sterling.

C.B. Chateau Bottled, D.B. Domaine Bottled, B.B. Bordeaux Bottled, F.B. French Bottled, L.B. London Bottled